Preparing for a ceremony
As special as a wedding is
Plenty of cause
For excitement and anticipation.

If necessary,
Roll the carcass
To the opposite side and cut
What tissue still clings.

A torn seam is easy to fix,
But a large tear
Will be noticeable
Even after it is repaired.

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Ketta’s Dvd
Or blu-ray fleshlight
Sleeves or cd pocket book
Are offered
In various creations and colours.

On via the world
Large internet store
They provided a
Great offer of presents
Upon getting the real cloths
As well as apparels.


Symphony cloud-like fur,
Transitory significance of transparency,
Marginally masculine tonality, gucci
Temporary glimpse of the apparent leather

2011-2012 autumn and winter,
The Gucci lass’s accessories
Showing superannuated movies
Like superb and sharp temptation.

The principal of the remodel is the
Unremitting symbol
Of Gucci,
The resourceful style of the
Stirrup hustle register,
1973 series adds numerous new.


A black handbag has apt
Be structured beautifully
And have gold hardware.

And draped sleeved blouses.

My manner has changed
Quite drastically
Since my move apt Los Angeles.

I went from being
A accidental and nonchalant
Norcal college student
Surrounded the small hippie
Town of Davis,
Which apparently
Made Kourtney upset.

Jack Spade’s Folded Messenger
Is a great go-to
Fortuitous sack
For the man
Hitting the streets of the metropolis
Or simply equitable.

Off to class
For study duration.

Loving the check print,
Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Issue cover girl
And star of that
DISGUSTING GoDaddy Super Bowl advertisement.

Was recently spotted
Aboard Robertson Boulevard in LA.